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InsurMark advisors will soon be able to take advantage of industry-changing technology from AssetLock following today’s announcement that Simplicity Holdings Group has acquired the breakthrough investment monitoring solution.

AssetLock gives investors peace of mind by knowing their portfolio is performing at or above their specific tolerances. With its account and communications features, the AssetLock mobile app (for iOS and Android) is also designed to be a powerful marketing and referral tool for advisors.

To find out more about how InsurMark advisors can benefit from AssetLock technology, contact your advisor development consultant at 800-752-0207.

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InsurMark conducted this Business Alpha Data Survey to help advisors understand the challenges of running their practice as a more successful business.

Financial advisors as a group are an aging population.  They are facing a season of transition. And so this survey focuses on one central question:  How prepared are you?


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Assets Under Management

InsurMark is aligned with Regal Financial Advisors to help you transition assets under management into your safe-money practice.

InsurMark Academy is our exclusive set of in-depth educational webinars that provides advisors the tools and training to develop their practice and help maximize their clients’ profits.

New sessions are added regularly and registration is open to all InsurMark advisors.

Our team of advisor development consultants specialize in helping you navigate the ever-changing industry through brand development and marketing, leads generation, practice betterment, client experience and communications.