• Frank Lozano – VP, Senior Advisor Development Consultant
  • Randy Yost – VP, Senior Advisor Development Consultant
  • Nicole Nguyen – Director of Life Insurance Sales
  • Mark Burns – Advisor Development Consultant
  • Walt Gynn – Advisor Development Consultant
  • Jeremy Houser – Advisor Development Consultant
  • Jackson Kajander – Advisor Development Consultant
  • Ken Kindberg – Advisor Development Consultant
  • Bobby Malick – Advisor Development Consultant
  • Deric Moten – Advisor Development Consultant
  • Andrea Nelson – Advisor Development Consultant
  • Noel Patterson – Advisor Development Consultant
  • Robert Rickard – Advisor Development Consultant
  • Eric Simonian – Advisor Development Consultant
  • Steve Tepfenhart – Advisor Development Consultant
  • Seth Ward – Advisor Development Consultant

Frank Lozano, Vice President, Senior Marketing ConsultantFrank Lozano

Vice President, Senior Marketing Consultant

Frank joined InsurMark in 2006. Frank partners with many of the top advisors and insurance agents in the nation in order to assist them with marketing, sales and business operations. In both 2010 and 2014, Frank was named InsurMark Employee of the Year in recognition of his hard work and commitment to those he assists.

Frank takes extreme pleasure in sharing successful ideas with his advisors that help their businesses grow to a whole different level. His mission is to help those advisors build business empires.

Commitment to our advisors: “I have a true passion for what I do and love every challenge that this industry sends my way. I have been blessed to work with some of the top professionals, which has helped me to help others take their businesses to new levels. Building relationships and being proactive about sharing successful strategic ideas is what I do best. I enjoy working with my team of advisors because I don’t just see them as partners or friends, I see them as family. I value the committed relationships with my advisors and strive to do the best job I can do for them and their clients. I appreciate the business and look forward to excelling together!”

A Texas native, Frank graduated from Sam Houston State University with a degree in business and a minor in finance. Frank enjoys spending as much time as possible with his wife Hilda, his son Andrew and his daughter Monica. He also enjoys taking trips, and spending time on his boat.

Frank Lozano can be reached by phone at 800-752-0207, ext. 272 or email and on LinkedIn.

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Randy Yost, Vice President, Senior Marketing ConsultantRandy Yost

Vice President, Senior Marketing Consultant

Randy works diligently to help producers achieve their goals of upward mobility. Since joining InsurMark in 2003, he has helped them professionalize their businesses in every aspect, allowing them focus on attracting their ideal clients rather than chasing random leads. As he can tell you, this is the most direct route to profitability.

Randy provides extreme and dedicated focus to his select group of partners, focusing on their every need and recognizing every opportunity.

His commitment: “I realize that our advisors have many carrier and IMO choices. My goal is to help them grow their business, increase their income, and lower overhead through proven, time-tested processes, marketing programs, tools, and resources. In an ever-changing marketplace, I believe that a good partner—a strategic alliance—is key to long-term growth and profitability. I continually serve the needs of my producers and their clients, alike. I believe it is all about them.”

A graduate of Baylor University, Randy can be reached by phone at 800-752-0207 ext. 274 or email and on LinkedIn.

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Nicole Nguyen, Director of Life Insurance SalesNicole Nguyen

Director of Life Insurance Sales

Nicole joined InsurMark in 2007. Nicole helps advisors grow their life insurance businesses by supplying them with successful case design, new and unique sales ideas, and innovative marketing concepts. She has worked in insurance sales since 2004.

Nicole’s superb performance for InsurMark earned her sales Employee of the Year for 2012.

Nicole graduated from the University of Houston with a Bachelor of Business Administration, concentration in marketing, and received an MBA from the University of Houston-Victoria in 2007. Nicole enjoys sailing, boating, and any other activities on the water.

Nicole Nguyen can be reached by phone at 800-752-0207, ext. 203 or email and on LinkedIn.

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Bobby MalickBobby Malick

Annuity Marketing Consultant

Bobby partners with financial professionals who specialize primarily in income and retirement planning.

“I realize that the professionals with whom I work are handling the second-most important financial asset in their clients’ lives. My job is to take as much pressure off advisors as possible and promptly provide the information and tools they need in day-to-day client interactions. In addition to helping with specific financial solutions for their clients, I also offer my advisors industry-leading practice-management strategies designed to continually grow their businesses.”

Bobby brings considerable experience to his clients: five years as a wholesaler with AIG; two years as a licensed banker with Chase; seven years as a sales manager, loan officer and licensed real estate agent for Bay Pacific; and four years as a loan officer, manager and licensed account executive for Planet Mortgage.

He graduated from Robert Morris University in Pittsburgh with a bachelor’s degree in marketing.

Bobby Malick can be reached by phone at 800-752-0207, ext. 236, or via email or LinkedIn.

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Eric SimonianEric Simonian

Annuity Marketing Consultant

Eric began his career in financial services almost 15 years ago. First, he worked as an advisor on the retail side of the business, then he transitioned to the wholesale side. In 2008, when Eric was approached with the prospect of moving his life and career to Houston, he seized the opportunity.

This background helps Eric to not only effectively understand and interact with financial advisors and insurance professionals, but also comprehend a vast product lineup so he can present these solutions to advisors in the field. He regularly Informs and educates his advisors about annuity solutions, life insurance and investment products—as well as current legislation affecting the insurance and investment industry.

Eric continuously educates himself about insurance, investments and the markets, working to produce valuable and fresh sales and marketing ideas based on client needs.

Eric holds a bachelor’s degree in financial services, as well as his life insurance license. He is married to lovely Amanda, and the two of them reside in Houston. When he’s not at work, Eric is a passionate Boston sports fan.

Eric Simonian can be reached by phone at 800-752-0207, ext. 206, or via email or LinkedIn.

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Jeremy Houser, Marketing ConsultantJeremy Houser

Annuity Marketing Consultant

Jeremy works closely with his advisors and provides cutting-edge, state-of-the-art marketing strategies, techniques, and tools designed to propel his advisors’ businesses to prosperous new levels.

Commitment to our advisors: “I am truly grateful to work at InsurMark and have the opportunity to deal with such intelligent individuals each and every day. As I continue to grow and obtain industry knowledge; as your consultant, I will not only help create trust and confidence to propel your business to the next level, but I guarantee you I will be the most reliable marketer in this business. I truly believe that trust and relationships help build a successful business, and to those who are already helping me grow my business, I would like to thank you! Sharing success stories and helping my advisors stay a step ahead of their competition is my goal. I take pride in sharing industry knowledge to my advisors on a daily basis and if I get the opportunity to earn your business, I will not fail you.”

Born and raised in Humble, Texas, Jeremy played college baseball for St. Edwards University in Austin from 2006-2010. He earned a degree in finance there as well. Outside of work, Jeremy enjoys all kinds of sports activities.

Jeremy Houser can be reached at 800-752-0207, ext. 248 or email and on LinkedIn.

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Jackson Kajander, Marketing ConsultantJackson Kajander

Annuity Marketing Consultant

Jackson assists and enhances his agent’s practices by providing solution-based decisions in the areas of marketing, sales, and business operations. With his youthful exuberance, he always goes the “extra mile” to ensure the business success of his advisors.

Jackson’s commitment to advisors: “My objective is to ensure that you are able to grow your business and advance in the industry through extremely high service and support. I will do everything I can, as long as it is within my ethical boundaries, to help you reach your goals.”

Jackson was born in Houston, Texas. He graduated from Northwestern Oklahoma State University with a degree in business administration with minors in management and Spanish. He is the youngest of three boys in his family, and his hobbies include basketball, swimming, and the occasional game of chess.

Jackson Kajander can be reached at 800-752-0207, ext. 202 or email. and on LinkedIn.

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Robert Rickard, Marketing ConsultantRobert Rickard

Annuity Marketing Consultant

Robert, having spent more than 30 years in sales and marketing within the securities, real estate and insurance industries, serves as an invaluable strategic partner to his advisors. He has a unique ability to identify ways that financial professionals can streamline operations, optimize their practices, and maximize their growth potentials.

Ultimately, Robert’s expertise empowers our advisors to achieve their goals and set new ones that continue to push them toward heightened levels of success. Ever the consummate business professional, Robert leverages 10 years in senior management with a national IMO to pinpoint obstacles producers may encounter and detail steps for moving beyond them. He is conscientious, engaged and constantly looking to provide value those he assists.

Commitment to our advisors: “Given my background and experience, I am confident I can make a significant contribution to your business. I will work to establish a strong understanding of who you are and how your practice operates to see where I can best contribute and offer fresh perspective. My true value lies in an ability to help advisors expand their local footprint while increasing revenue dollars through the recommendation, implementation and oversight of proven, time-tested marketing platforms.”

Robert holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration and marketing from the University of Nebraska, as well as a master’s degree in management from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. Just as he helps advisors maneuver in business, he helps skiers maneuver the slopes using his certification as an alpine ski instructor. Robert is a proud father of three, and enjoys spending time with his children and three grandchildren.

Robert Rickard can be reached by phone at 800-752-0207, ext. 239 or email and on LinkedIn.

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Seth WardSeth Ward

Annuity Marketing Consultant

Seth is particularly qualified to provide a premium level of service to his independent investment and insurance advisors. He started in this business back in 2000, and has worked with the most well respected advisors in the industry, focusing on the delivery of superior client centered solutions.

Commitment to our advisors: “I don’t believe in advisors having ceilings on their ability to affect positive change to their clients. At InsurMark, we have the best story in the industry. We can provide safety and long term guarantees in a world of uncertainty. It’s about having a trusted partner who can help advisors tell that story over and over and bring proven ideas from some of the best minds in the industry, ideas which most advisors have never heard before.”

Seth was born in Odessa, Texas. He graduated from West Texas A&M University with a degree in biology. He is heavily interested in sports and he is a huge Houston Texans fan and a golf fanatic.

Seth Ward can be reached at 800-752-0207, ext. 264 or email and on LinkedIn.

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Deric MotenDeric Moten

Associate Annuity Marketing Consultant

Deric strives to bring value to his advisors’ practices with marketing, sales and practice-management solutions that help them develop their businesses.

His commitment: “My objective is to empower our advisors to achieve their goals and then set new and grander ones. I see my purpose as helping these professionals to push themselves toward the highest heights. I will do everything I can, while also staying well within my ethical boundaries.”

Deric was a three-year Division 1 basketball starter at Stephen F. Austin State University and played professional basketball with the Dallas Mavericks. A native of Huntsville, Texas—known for its prison—Deric studied criminal justice. He loves coaching and training basketball players, working out and traveling the globe with his wife and kids.

Deric Moten can be reached by phone at 800-752-0207, ext. 211, or via email.

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