Leighann Gee

Vice President, Office Services

Since 2002, Leighann has been a fixture at InsurMark. Our 2010 Administrative Employee of the Year, she maintains the company’s financials and oversees daily administrative support.

She is responsible for the calculation of numerous advisor reward programs, including Biz\Bucks. With fifteen years of administrative experience and more than ten years of accounting experience, she is a proven and valuable asset, not only to InsurMark, but to our advisors–in the form of streamlined admin processing.

Leighann can be reached by phone at 800-752-0207, ext. 258 or email.

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Melissa NelsonMelissa Nelson

Commission Accounting Specialist

Melissa is the administrative powerhouse helping our consultants stay on top of production goals and actuals. She’s so adept at her job, she was named InsurMark’s 2013 Administrative Employee of the Year.

Under her watch, our machine runs smoothly, consistently. She stays on top of daily commission functions, including carrier commission reports and numerous other day-to-day administrative and accounting tasks like on-demand reporting and querying from our databases.

Born and raised in Sealy, Texas, Melissa is a cum laude graduate of Texas A&M University, where she received a bachelor’s degree in agribusiness and a minor in agriculture economics. She can be reached by phone at 800-752-0207, ext. 275 or email.

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Maggie Leverette

Commission Accounting Assistant

A day in the life: handle day-to-day commission entries from carriers, run monthly production reports for executives, and deftly handle anything else the department pitches her way. “I focus on quick and courteous service,” Maggie says with her signature smile.

Maggie graduated (i.e. “rolled”) from the University of Alabama with a major in finance (concentration in insurance) and a minor in computing technology and applications.

Hailing from Auburn, Ala., Maggie and her family have been active for many years in the Relay for Life charity. In college, she worked with the National MS Society. “These charities are very near-and-dear to my heart.” She also loves playing tennis and doing anything outdoors, as well as traveling to new places.

Maggie Leverette can be reached by phone at 800-752-0207, ext. 265, or via email.

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Elizabeth Garcia


Since joining InsurMark in 2000, Liz has been known as “The Voice of InsurMark.” In her role as receptionist, she answers approximately 400 inbound phone calls a day and helps the administrative team with daily projects. Liz’s favorite aspect of working with InsurMark is speaking with advisors, letting them know that every call she answers is important to her because it concerns their business. Her commitment: to do everything in her power to assist our advisors with whatever assistance they need. Liz’s exceptional service to InsurMark earned her Administrative Employee of the Year in 2012. Having a bad day? Call Liz – she will lift your spirits. In her spare time, she coaches married couples along with her husband and enjoys going to the park with her two Labrador Retrievers. Elizabeth Garcia can be reached by phone at 800-752-0207 or email.

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Amy Poulos

Administrative Assistant

In her role, Amy supports the executive administrative team with special projects. She is also responsible for maintaining the records of our all-important retention program. She serves as the alternate front-desk receptionist and performs a wide-ranging array day-to-day administrative functions. Amy’s pinpoint accuracy and speed help keep InsurMark operations running like a well-oiled machine. Amy is a CPA and a cum laude graduate of the University of Houston with a bachelor’s degree in accounting. Amy grew up in Houston and now resides in nearby Katy, Texas. She enjoys reading, watching movies, and spending time with family. Most weekends you will find Amy at the soccer fields cheering her boys’ teams onto victory. Amy Poulos can reached by phone at 800-752-0207, ext. 238 or email.

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