It’s Good to Be You

You’re an independent business person with no boss. And you partner with a marketing organization like InsurMark that rewards you with lucrative bonuses over and above your earnings. Life is good.

It gets even better when you’re an InsurMark advisor. We make sure of it. You qualify for rewards immediately, and the list of cash, travel and benefit rewards is so long that we have an entire department just to track them for you.

Your Currency is Building with Us

Every dollar of premium your write through InsurMark earns you extra cash. Every time you introduce us to an advisor who decides to partner with us, we pay you extra money. What is probably the most lucrative production incentive program in the industry, pays you time and time again.

Pack Your Bags, You’re Going Places

Incentive trips are commonplace in our industry. But InsurMark’s trips are anything but common. First, they are always five-star caliber. The best of everything – hotels, destinations, dining, activities. So, not surprisingly, the standards to qualify for our trips are also very high. When you are an InsurMark travel guest, you are among an elite few who have achieved a level of success comparable to your own.

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