Lead Generation

Our “one-to-many” sales techniques put you in front of large numbers of qualified prospects that, literally, takes the “cold” out of calling. Not only do our exclusive proprietary programs generate a bounty of opportunities, we provide discounts to help you test which programs are best-suited to you, your territory, and your clients.

Each program is pre-tested to ensure its success. Hear what some advisors using these programs are saying:

“So far, we have written $1,400,000 of premium from these workshops, with another $1 million or so already identified as probable. We’re doing business with about six to ten families that actually meet with us.”

“I had 21 attendees at my recent Social Security workshop. I converted about 75% of them to appointments. So far I have met with 15 of those. Three of them are now clients and I expect to add another three soon for a total of six new clients from this workshop, with more to come. My expenses were a 5,000-piece mailer that cost roughly $2,600. I more than make my money back and have picked up new clients consistently with this program.”