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Feedback from Our Advisor Partners


“I joined InsurMark in June and I think I’ll finish the year with over $4 million in annuity sales, plus another million coming through soon after.  My consultant has been a tremendous help and resource.  The case manager has also done a great job checking my applications and following-up on outstanding requirements.  In my 32 years in the insurance business, I have never had the kind of support I’ve had with InsurMark!  I want to express my thanks for taking good care of me.  You have good people at InsurMark and I hope to have a long and mutually beneficial relationship with your company.”

“I’ve had the pleasure of being associated with InsurMark for over 15 years. My experience—from the receptionist, to my advisor, to my administrator, my life advisor and the CEO—has been above and beyond my expectations. Their commitment and loyalty to agents are second to none. Their contribution to my business—their expertise, efficiency in processes and availability to me—is priceless. One last nite, our Family\Reuinion trips are exactly that—’family.'”

“I would like you to know that InsurMark is one of, if not the best, organization I have had the opportunity to work with. I have had many FMOs and the number one thing that your firm has, above all the others, is service! It seems so simple to me, but doing what you say you are going to do, and in a timely manner to me is so easy but to most FMOs it is a real challenge.”

“I am so grateful that God has answered my prayer with financial advisors like you. I want you to know how appreciative I am for your services. This is a better world because of you. Thank you for all you are and do.”


“InsurMark offered some of the more competitive products that would be the most appropriate for my clients, so I reached out to them. It was surprisingly easy to begin working with InsurMark. THey made it simple, and I was able to focus on strategies that would allow me to do a better job for my clients. I was introduced to a very knowledgeable conultant who has been phenomenal. My Emails and phone calls are returned quickly, and he always wants to make sure my needs are met so I can take better care of my clients. I would highly recommend InsurMark as a strategic partner.”

“I’ve tested several financial planning software packages for our firm (and some of them were pretty good? but none of them fit our firm’s needs quite right–until I found [InsurMark’s]. It has all the features we were looking for, and with the improvements recently announced, it will be even better! It’s easy to use, and our clients now have a better feel and understanding of their financial picture.”

“We have been using the software in our office for a few months now. It has provided us an extra means of data verification to show that clients can and do ‘run out of money’ when they don’t plan their income strategy properly. It has added a greatly-needed visual tool that has made a dramatic impact on our closing ratio.”


“I had 21 attendees at my recent Social Security workshop. I converted about 75% of them to appointments. So far I have met with 15 of those. Three of them are now clients and I expect to add another three soon for a total of six new clients from this workshop, with more to come. My expenses were a 5,000 piece mailer that cost roughly $2,600. I more than made my money back and have picked up new clients consistently with this program.”

“So far, we have written $1,400,000 of premium from these workshops, with another $1 million or so already identified as probable. We’re doing business with about six of ten families that actually meet with us.


Since individual testimonials are prohibited by security-industry compliance issues, third-party statements of results are used here…

In 24 months, an insurance producer in South Carolina went from a start-up in the advisory business to a professional who manages nearly $10 million in AUM. He has enhanced his already-successful insurance practice. The reoccurring revenue has stabilized his business model.

An Indiana advisor went from $20 million in AUM to over $60 million in AUM in two years, using the Regal (InsurMark’s AUM partner company) resources to move his practice to a new level. An experienced professional who realized he needed coaching and a vision of what he could become…with niche marketing and hard work, he is attaining success that many envy.


“[This was] a first-class event hosted by a first-class organization. If you are looking for the right mix of marketing strategies, product innovation and client service, then look no further than the team at InsurMark.”

“Great information and I loved the videos.”



“The Annexus Group set out to establish relationships with a select group of the industry’s top marketing organizations. The goal was to identify organizations that first, had built their businesses on a foundation of integrity, and second, stood out from their peers through an unparalleled commitment to support and enhance the success of the professional financial advisor. We’ve known Steve Kerns and his team for over a decade and we’ve admired their professionalism, watched them live by their core values and consistently demonstrate the attributes we were looking for in a partner. Everyone at InsurMark – the administration team, marketers and executives have diligently devoted themselves to serving the advisors with integrity. We are proud to have them on the Annexus team; their success over the years speaks for itself. Thanks, InsurMark!”

Don Dady and Ron Shurts
The Annexus Group

“InsurMark is one the premier independent marketing organizations in the industry. People, partnership, and passion are what separate them from the competition. Their employees are always going above and beyond. Their partnership with the producers is second to none. Their passion for this business is what makes them so successful. Thanks Steve, and all of InsurMark, for everything you do!”

Eric Thomes
Senior Vice President of Sales, FMO Distribution
Allianz Life Insurance Company

“I have been working with annuity marketing companies for more than 25 years. If an agent were to ask me to recommend a marketing company, InsurMark would be in my top three. The integrity that Steve brings to the table is unsurpassed.”

Arthur Pickering
Senior Vice President
Forethought Financial Group, Inc.

“InsurMark is a first class marketing organization. Steve Kerns leads a team of talented marketers who have a high level of industry knowledge. I had the opportunity to present and attend InsurMark’s annual meeting. I saw firsthand the quality of agents and their commitment to InsurMark. What impressed me the most was the long term relationships that the producers have with InsurMark. It was nice to see over 100 advisors who genuinely knew each other and the InsurMark team. A number of individuals commented on the family atmosphere, the great service, the attention to detail, and of course the wide array of value adds InsurMark brings to the table. AEL is proud and excited to have InsurMark as one of our top supporters.”

Ron Grensteiner
Sr. Vice President, National Marketing Director
American Equity Investment Life Insurance Company



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